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Soon we'll have some fancy--pantsy PDFs that you can download, but for now, here are a few stories from the book that already exist out there in the interwebs:

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"Now for the moment you'ns have been waiting for," I say into the microphone, trying to get some jump into my voice, despite everything. "Let's give it on up for...Tawny and Brad!" I'm supposed to say "Mr. and Mrs. Brad Reichenbach" but I can't do it, not for seventy-five bucks an hour, not for a million. Tawny's mom shoots me a look and I know my tip is shot. I pretend I don't see her, cue up Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" for the first dance, and try to ignore the fact that the only woman I'll ever love is now Mrs. Brad Reichenbach.
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Fight Club Club
When I get home, the couch and recliner are sitting out on the curb. Full-grain, caramel-colored leather, two years old. Pottery Barn. Sitting out on the curb.

I count the steps to the door -- one two three four five six seven eight nine. I put my hand on the knob and then think, this is enough. One two three four five six seven steps back. I yank one end of the couch onto the lawn. My briefcase falls off my shoulder and a pile of monographs spills onto the grass. From the house, I can hear the sound of the movie, Charles and James shouting along with Brad Pitt: "the second rule of Fight Club is you donít talk about Fight Club."
click here to read the full story at Frigg Magazine

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