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Dave Housley is a writer and normal dude who lives outside Washington, DC in a little glass house with his wife Lori, son Ben, and two untrained yellow labs. His work has appeared in lots of literary journals and websites, such as Columbia, Gargoyle, Nerve, Sycamore Review, Yankee Pot Roast, and other places. He's one of the editors of the literary magazine Barrelhouse. "Ryan Seacrest is Famous" is Dave's first book.

Since you can't have too many advanced degrees in writing -- seriously people, these things are like a license to print money -- Dave has a M.A. in creative writing from Johns Hopkins University and a M.S. from Towson State University. Despite these credentials, he's honestly not sure whether it should be "a M.S." or "an M.S.," which says something about his attention to detail and grammar aspirations.

He drank beer at Gettysburg College for four years in the late 80s, just when the tide was turning and they started making you register parties instead of putting up a sign on the gym wall that said how many kegs and where they would be. He thinks that maybe things have gone downhill ever since this turn of events.

Check out Another Harebrained Scheme, Dave's blog, where he talks about book stuff, lit stuff, and random thoughts about TV, music, movies, junk food, and other pop culture stuff.

For more about publications and stuff, click here for the egomaniacally named davehousley.com.

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