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If for some reason you'd like to get in touch -- media inquiry, old drinking buddy, or maybe you are in charge of Oprah's book club, or perhaps a relative of mine has just been dramatically killed in Nigeria and you are the attorney representing his billion dollar estate, or maybe you are saddened by the state of my penis and think that your products could greatly assist me -- just email this address:

dh [at] davehousley.com.

Here are a few links, just in case you need 'em:

Impetus Press can be reached at impetuspress.com. Read the submission guidelines before you send anything, or they get cranky.

If you like this pop and literature thing, you might like Barrelhouse magazine, too.

Breakthrough Strategies very generously donated their time and gigantic brains to assist in the marketing and promotion of this book. Man, are we grateful.

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