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In Ryan Seacrest is Famous, Dave Housley lovingly skewers pop culture -- and our obsession with it -- in all its benign yet bizarre, addictive and addled glory. With a keen wit and knowing eye for detail, he depicts a still-living Jack Kerouac as an infomercial fitness icon, a man literally driven crazy by the fact that Ryan Seacrest is famous, young obsessive compulsive whose roommates start a movement based around the movie Fight Club, and other casualties of the pop culture wars. Serious fiction with pop sensibility, Ryan Seacrest is Famous will delight fans of Road House and On the Road alike.

Here's what a few reviewers have had to say about Ryan Seacrest is Famous:

Ben Kharakh, Gothamist.com
"In Ryan Seacrest is Famous, his debut collection of pop-culture enfused short stories, Dave Housley makes you think, makes you laugh, and, if you're a writer, inspires you to run to your computer and get started on that premise you've been putting off. Whether it comes in the form of an alcoholic clown, people obsessed with Fight Club, or a DJ hiring a prostitute in an attempt to win back his old flame, Housley's stories are consistently engrossing, entertaining, and exciting."

Tod Goldberg, author of Living Dead Girl and Simplify:
"Ryan Seacrest is Famous is a circus of the absurd which, like the best short fi ction, reminds us that even when life has a tragic tinge to it there are avenues open for humorous humanity, redemptive hope and, best of all, new found clarity. In Dave Housley's fictional world, pop culture is more creature feature than talk soup, yet for all the disaffected cool, the writing here is subtle and emotionally potent, each story as sharp as barbed wire."

Jim Ruland, author of Big Lonesome:
"Housley's dispatches from the celebrity-obsessed TiVo-lution being waged in our living rooms read like transcripts from the teleprompter of our collective unconsciousness. Ryan Seacrest Is Famous is both a sign that the apocalypse is slouching toward Hollywood and a hilariously entertaining read."

KGB Live, summarizing 2006 Impetus Press reading event:
Dave Housley was up next to read a story from his forthcoming collection Ryan Seacrest is Famous, a phrase which arguably sums up the reasons why so many other countries hate the United States. Look for this book to be burned (or perhaps praised?) on Al-Jazeera sometime next year. The piece he read from the collection was an open letter from the Frog Prince published in US Weekly to a princess who seems to be an amalgamation of every sex-tape making, drug snorting starlet working in Hollywood today. What started out as an exercise in pop cultural name checking dissolved into a bittersweet surreal love story that ended on a strangely moving note.

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