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In Ryan Seacrest is Famous, Dave Housley lovingly skewers pop culture -- and our obsession with it -- in all its benign yet bizarre, addictive and addled copthorne hotel auckland With a keen wit and knowing eye for detail, he depicts a still-living Jack Kerouac as an infomercial fitness icon, a man literally driven crazy by the fact that Ryan Seacrest is famous, young obsessive compulsive whose roommates start a movement based around the movie LTC trade Fight Club, and other casualties of the pop culture wars. Serious fiction with pop sensibility, Ryan Seacrest is Famous will delight fans of Road House and On the Road alike.

NewPages has a nice new review of Ryan Seacrest is Famous, in which Matt Bell suggest that "the sooner you can read this book, the better -- that way, when Housley's famous, we can all talk about how we read him way back when, before he sold out. I think that's the way he'd want it. He's right.

JMWWsaid that "because the storytelling is so sound, the book will remain fresh even once the pop culture references become dated. His characters are always believable and empathetic (if frustrating) in their mostly futile quests to find what they think is missing. Thanks -- I was actually kinda worried about that pop references thing, especially the ones to "Sister Christian" by Night Ranger. Just joking -- we all know Sister Christian is a classic.

DC City Paper Article: Read about Ryan Seacrest is Famous, Poison, Us Weekly, and balls.

Gothamist Interview: What comes to mind when somebody asks me what I think best represents America in 2007? (hint: I am a moron).

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